Welcome to the Richmond Hill High School Student Council Web site!

What We Do

RHHS Student Council (or “StuCo” for short) is responsible for hosting a variety of events throughout the school year. These include several school dances—one in autumn and one in spring—as well as a Semi-Formal evening event, a talent show, and numerous spirit days. Since 2008-2009, Student Council also hosts an annual Carnival event in June, which gives students an opportunity to enjoy a day of fun and games outside.

Student Council is also responsible for overseeing club finances and club registrations and events. If you are a club owner, please visit the Clubs page. For any questions regarding clubs at RHHS, please contact the Minister of External Affairs.

Student Council is devoted to improving and maintaining a positive student experience at RHHS. We attempt to organize events that maximize the level of enjoyment for everyone involved, while also allowing as many students to participate as possible. If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding any of Student Council’s activities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.