The 2016-2017 school year will be the 67th year since RHHS’s Student Council was established. The inaugural meeting of the Richmond Hill District High School Students’ Council was held on Monday, October 16th, 1950. The founding members were:

  • President: Ethel Layzell
  • Vice-President: David Graham
  • Secretary: Donald Leno
  • Treasurer: Murray Johnson

Since then, the Council has expanded to ten executive positions, with the addition of the Minister of External Affairs, the Minister of Publicity, two Social Conveners and two Webmasters. Two Grade Representatives are also elected for each grade in May of each year, with the exception of Grade 9 Reps, who are chosen at the beginning of each school year.

Incoming Council

President Adam Linton
Vice-President Jathusha Mahenthirarajan
Treasurer Peter Wu
Secretary Clement Lau
Social Convenors Vivian Lau & Bill Liu
Minister of Publicity Daniel Song
Minister of External Affairs Talon Zhu
Webmasters Bimesh De Silva & Robbie Zhuang

Incoming Council Grade Reps

Grade 9 Matthew Ao Hayley Zhong
Grade 10 Jinwoo Suk & Iris Wang
Grade 11 Simon Yang & Constant Yen
Grade 12 Daniel Kim & Noah Nishidera

Outgoing Council

President Michael Rosen
Vice-President Marcus Yung
Treasurer Alexis Ng
Secretary Faraz Sabha
Social Convenors Rachel Duan & Yulong Liu
Minister of Publicity Clarence Hu
Minister of External Affairs Clement Lau
Minister of Conference Richard Xie
Webmasters Alexander Shah & Tilman Lindig

Outgoing Council Grade Reps

Grade 9 Bill Liu & Iris Wang
Grade 10 Vivian Lau & Kevin Suh
Grade 11 Jathusha M. Adam Linton
Grade 12 Jonathan Sun & Will Wei
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